Nautilus Data Technologies proudly recognizes Earth Day by working to harness market forces and deliver a technology that will help meet the substantially greater demands of a data-connected world with a substantially lower impact on the environment.   A more sustainable data center at a lower cost.  That’s a winning combination for the economy and environment.   

Nautilus Data Technologies is pioneering a new benchmark for data center efficiency and rapid global scalability by being the first company to deploy a data center on a purpose built vessel, moored in a secure port and directly cooled by the surrounding water.  
Why is this important?
Our team recognized long ago that traditional data center facilities were becoming environmentally wasteful relics, consuming natural resources at unacceptably high rates.

Most data centers rely on massive amounts of energy and water for cooling.  The water typically comes from public water supplies and is evaporated into the atmosphere in order to cool the air that is blown through warehouse-sized buildings to deal with substantial amounts heat generated by the rows and rows of computers that handle all of the data and systems that are now part of our daily – actually second by second – lives.  A mid-sized data center can waste over 100,000,000 gallons of water a year, consume the same amount of energy as nearly 16,000 homes, while producing 64,000 tons of carbon emissions and air pollution.  

We knew that tinkering around the edges of an outdated system wouldn’t be enough to solve the problem.   Real innovation, that could be delivered at greater scale and a lower cost, was essential to transform how we build and operate data centers.  So that’s we’ve done, with an approach that eliminates water consumption, meaningfully increases energy efficiency, eliminates hazardous chemicals, and reduces associated carbon emissions and air pollution.   We look forward to harnessing the spirit of Earth Day by putting it into practical and productive action all year long.