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Engineer Your Data Center's Future with EcoCore

EcoCore is the essential foundation for your data center, a unique and innovative “data center product.” It’s the heart of a sustainable, high-performing data center that delivers on today’s ever-expanding computing demands.

You bring the basic structure and connectivity, and EcoCore provides the scalable core. Starting with prefabricated 2.5MW blocks, capable of expanding to hyperscale, EcoCore enables swift and adaptable infrastructure development, revolutionizing data center construction.


EcoCore employs the Nautilus zero-water consumption cooling technology.

2x Energy Efficiency 

Compared to industry new builds

12 Months
to Launch

EcoCore infrastructure accelerates your path to full operational status.

Explore your next-generation
green data center

Explore the Power of Collaboration:

Nautilus and Industry Leaders Unite for EcoCore Innovation

Plan with Precision:

EcoCore's Seamless Integration and Versatile Performance

Discover your ideal EcoCore solution with our interactive calculator. Experience ease of integration and adaptability tailored to your unique data center needs.
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“Using partners such as Nautilus, we can fully leverage the cooling power of the Atlantic Ocean. This means we can scale up without having to introduce chillers, cooling towers and less sustainable technologies.”

Rob Dunn


CEO of Start Campus

Transform Your Data Center Strategy with EcoCore

Select Your Ideal Solution

Choose your EcoCore path to compete and stay ahead in today’s high-density computing environment.

From planning to integration and pre-vetted sites, EcoCore offers tailored paths for cutting-edge data center development.

Future-Proof Your Data Center with EcoCore

Opt for EcoCore during the planning stage for unmatched efficiency and sustainability.

Seamlessly Integrate EcoCore for Site-Ready Excellence

Have a site? Incorporate EcoCore technology for immediate, cutting-edge performance.

Instantly Optimize with Vetted EcoCore Sites

Choose pre-equipped EcoCore sites for rapid and optimized data center deployment.

Achieving Success with EcoCore

Understanding Our Advanced Water Cooling Technology

custom cooling image #1
Server heat can be captured by traditional hot aisle, rear‑door cooling, direct‑to‑chip, or immersion.
An educator solution creates a vacuum, drawing air into the pipework in the event of a leak.
This self‑contained design prevents leaks and maintains system integrity.
custom cooling image #2
Each module contains four Cooling Distribution Units (CDUs), offering 835kW or more of heat rejection to ensure system redundancy and reliability.
Nautilus' cooling technology utilizes a water-based heat sink cooling process as the external heat rejection system for the data center.
custom cooling image #3
The design is N+1 redundant, adaptable to environmental changes, and compliant with AHJ requirements for water temperature. The zero‑water cooling system eliminates the need for chillers, CRACs, and CRAHs.
Adept at utilizing a wide array of water sources, including freshwater, greywater, and saltwater.

Experience EcoCore Zero-Water Data Center Cooling

Lead the Market with EcoCore

Revolutionize Your Data Halls for Scalable, Versatile Cooling

In an era when artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing demand varying density, Nautilus delivers innovative, versatile cooling solutions. Our adaptive system seamlessly accommodates traditional hot aisle to direct-to-chip and immersion cooling, ensuring data hall versatility and forward-looking scalability. EcoCore infrastructure marks a bold new era for flexible, efficient cooling technologies.
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Harness the Power of Sustainability with Nautilus EcoCore

Smart engineering, innovative design and trailblazing sustainability standards don’t have to be complicated. We keep it simple. We’ve built an adaptable, prefabricated data center infrastructure package with a proprietary zero-water cooling technology that gives you the freedom to launch just in time and scale as required. You’ll exceed cost-saving energy efficiency and sustainability goals.
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Nautilus 1.15 PUE compares to new build industry average of 1.3 according to Uptime Institute 2023.