Visionary Design, Revolutionary Infrastructure

Nautilus’ infrastructure and water-cooling technology centers on sustainability while delivering optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Redefining Data Center Infrastructure

Computing With a Conscience

There is a better way. At Nautilus, we believe energy efficiency is not a trade-off to achieve environmental responsibility. We live by a vision to reimagine data center infrastructure with groundbreaking design, record-setting energy savings and zero water consumption. We do all this with an unwavering, bold commitment to environmental innovation. Now, your data center can have it all: high performance, efficiency, functionality and sustainability.

Welcome to the data center revolution.

Ingenuity By Nature,
Innovative By Design

We’re determined problem-solvers building infrastructure solutions that will monumentally change the way data centers consume natural resources, while leveling up computing capacity to meet mission-critical IT needs today and into the future.
Our remarkable team is recognized for driving significant business and environmental outcomes, and we’ve been in your shoes. So, when we set out to engineer the world’s most environmentally innovative water-cooled data center infrastructure, we went to the drawing board with complete transparency and an understanding of the mounting compliance, sustainability and computing power pressures you’re facing.
We know that data center growth is, unfortunately, taxing the environment. Nautilus is reversing this conversation. We’re building the most sustainable data center solutions available anywhere—and this is the most important work of our lives.

Awards and Accolades

Our Journey


Founded by a former Navy Seal and industry veteran, we at Nautilus embarked on a bold journey to create data centers that champion efficiency and performance, while prioritizing environmental stewardship. Our mission from the outset in 2013 was to harmonize cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices, setting new industry benchmarks.


In 2015, we unveiled a groundbreaking waterborne data center prototype, acclaimed by the US Navy and tech leaders like NetApp. This prototype set new industry standards with its impressive Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.05 and an initial rack density of 75kW, later enhanced to 120kW.


In 2021, Nautilus achieved a major milestone with the successful commissioning of the Stockton Data Center. This facility isn’t just commercially viable; it’s a real-world embodiment of our innovative vision, demonstrating the tangible benefits of sustainable data center operations.

Building on the success of Stockton, our focus has shifted to developing EcoCore, a groundbreaking infrastructure solution. EcoCore, the result of intensive research and development, is a testament to our commitment to sustainable and efficient technology. This product represents a significant advancement in our strategic journey.

With EcoCore, Nautilus is pioneering new standards in data center technology, reinforcing our leadership in the industry. We’re not just advancing technology; we’re shaping a more sustainable, efficient future for data centers, aligning with the interests of our investors and stakeholders.

News & Updates

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Press Release

Nautilus Data Technologies Announces Landmark Infrastructure Deployment with Start Campus

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News & Updates

Nautilus Data Technologies Secures 2.5MW Contract at Water-Cooled Data Center for Artificial Intelligence Company

San Ramon, California, December 13, 2023: Nautilus Data Technologies, a leader in sustainable data center technology innovation, has secured a new 2.5MW contract with a ...

Stockton Data Center:

A Model of Commercial Viability And Innovation

Today, the Stockton Data Center stands as a commercially viable facility, still in successful operation and representing a crucial chapter in our story of sustainable growth. It serves as a living testament to our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, continuously meeting the evolving needs of the industry.

As we engage with leading industry partners and stakeholders, the Stockton Data Center remains at the forefront of our mission, exemplifying our dedication to delivering advanced and environmentally responsible data center solutions. It embodies our core values of sustainability, innovation, integrity, and excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide data center solutions that are both sustainable
and powerful. We merge groundbreaking technology with environmental consciousness, ensuring minimal ecological impact while
maximizing performance.

What Sets Us Apart

Zero-Water Cooling Technology: Our patented system dramatically reduces the environmental footprint of data centers.
High-Density Computing: Our EcoCore system is designed to efficiently support AI, ML, and other compute-intensive applications.
Rapid, Scalable Deployment: Our prefabricated, modular design enables swift deployment and seamless scalability.

Partner with Nautilus

We are a team of genuine, transparent, ingenious people who believe there’s a better way to execute data center infrastructure. Explore how partnering with Nautilus can expand your site possibilities and deliver performance with zero-water consumption.

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