Sustainable by Design

At Nautilus, we’re not just embracing ecological responsibility—we’re redefining it. Our patented data center technologies intricately weave sustainability into every facet of design and operation.

From dramatically reducing water usage to meticulously selecting eco-friendly materials and processes, every aspect of EcoCore prefabricated infrastructure and zero-water cooling systems harmonizes with the natural world. Choosing Nautilus goes beyond achieving energy efficiency. It’s a statement of profound environmental commitment.

Water Technology

Embrace the future with Nautilus’ patented EcoCore data center zero-water cooling system.

Unmatched Heat Rejection

Experience the power of over 8000 watts per square meter in heat rejection, driving your data center operations to unparalleled energy efficiency.

Industry-Leading PUE

Achieve a new, higher standard in Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 or less, marking a monumental 50%+ improvement compared to traditional data center energy usage.

Massive Water Savings

Join us in saving an extraordinary 380 million gallons of water annually in a 100 MW data center, solidifying our pledge to sustainability and responsible resource management.

custom cooling image #1
Server heat can be captured by traditional hot aisle, rear‑door cooling, direct‑to‑chip, or immersion.
An educator solution creates a vacuum, drawing air into the pipework in the event of a leak.
This self‑contained design prevents leaks and maintains system integrity.
custom cooling image #2
Each module contains four Cooling Distribution Units (CDUs), offering 835kW or more of heat rejection to ensure system redundancy and reliability.
Nautilus' cooling technology utilizes a water-based heat sink cooling process as the external heat rejection system for the data center.
custom cooling image #3
The design is N+1 redundant, adaptable to environmental changes, and compliant with AHJ requirements for water temperature. The zero‑water cooling system eliminates the need for chillers, CRACs, and CRAHs.
Adept at utilizing a wide array of water sources, including freshwater, greywater, and saltwater.

Setting Higher Standards

Nautilus rises above stringent environmental standards set by global authorities. An unwavering commitment and cornerstone of our R&D efforts is showcased at Stockton Data Center. Additionally, collaborative efforts with federal, state, and local agencies affirm a dedication to environmental stewardship, resulting in comprehensive endorsements, including:

In-Depth Analysis by CEQA:

A comprehensive 160-page review affirming no significant environmental impact.

Wetlands and Ecosystem Protection:

Collaborating with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Endangered Species Safeguards:

Partnering with the US National Marine Fisheries Service and the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Stewardship of Public Trusts:

Working alongside the California State Lands Commission to uphold public trust and natural resource conservation.

Rigorous Water and Air Quality Management:

Ensuring pristine standards in collaboration with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board and the California Air Quality Management District.

How Does Our Cooling Compare to Traditional Methods?

Infrastructure Technology

Accelerate your market presence with simplified, rapid deployment.


Innovation in Every Unit

At Nautilus, our patented EcoCore units represent the pinnacle of integration and efficiency in data center infrastructure, setting new standards in design, energy efficiency, functionality and sustainability.

See EcoCore’s Efficiency in action

Tap into innovation — press play to explore the precision of EcoCore's process.

Supporting Diverse Densities in Modern Data Halls

In an era when artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing demand an extensive range of densities, Nautilus delivers versatile data center cooling solutions.

Our system adeptly handles everything from traditional hot aisle to direct-to-chip and immersion cooling, ensuring scalability despite water scarcity challenges. EcoCore is the next-generation foundation, marking a new era for adaptable, efficient cooling technologies.

EcoCore vs. Traditional Prefabricated Modular Data Center Infrastructure

Discover how EcoCore outperforms traditional prefab modular in design and construction.
Experience the savings and advantages your data center can achieve.
*10MW build comparison
Category Prefabricated Modular Nautilus
Equipment Independent electrical/mechanical Integrated MEP, structural, data hall floor and ceiling components
Labor 50% factory, 50% on-site fit out 70% factory, 30% on-site fit out
Transportation (shipping splits) 120 or more 34
Physical footprint 36,000 square feet or more 18,000 square feet
Testing and commissioning Module level factory testing Full system factory testing
Speed of Deployment Design and manufacturing limited Site works limited
Data hall height clearance Limited by design or module Flexible
Building shell Limited by design or module Flexible
Category Prefabricated Modular
Equipment Independent electrical and mechanical
Labor 50% factory, 50% on-site fit out
Transportation (shipping splits) ~120 or more
Physical footprint 36,000 square feet or more
Testing and commissioning Module level factory testing
Speed of Deployment Design and manufacturing limited
Data hall height clearance Limited by design or module
Building shell Limited by design or module
Category Nautilus
Equipment Integrated MEP, structural, data hall floor and ceiling components
Labor 60% factory, 40% on-site fit out
Transportation (shipping splits) 34
Physical footprint 18,000 square feet
Testing and commissioning Full system factory testing
Speed of Deployment Site works limited
Data hall height clearance Flexible
Limited by design or module Flexible

Engineer Your Data Center's Future with EcoCore

Maximize Space, Efficiency and Sustainability

Choosing Nautilus EcoCore means embracing a future when data center infrastructure is not just built, but thoughtfully engineered to exceed standards across all aspects of data center operations. Nautilus patented EcoCore units redefine space utilization and operational efficiency, delivering a data center infrastructure that is robust, reliable and inherently sustainable and cost-effective. Embrace the innovation that EcoCore is introducing and power your data operations with unmatched efficiency.

Launch a green data center that exceeds modern
efficiency and sustainability standards.

Sustainable by Design

Nautilus stands at the forefront of ecological responsibility. Our system’s design and operation principles are rooted in sustainability, from minimizing water usage to ensuring our materials and processes respect the environment. With Nautilus, your choice is not just efficient, it’s environmentally conscious.

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Patents: Nautilus Data Technologies has created the world’s most environmentally innovative, water-cooled data center infrastructure, setting new standards for high-performance, efficiency, sustainability, and global scalability. With a significant patent portfolio, Nautilus vigorously protects its intellectual property. Listed are Nautilus’s US patents:

Covered by: US Patent No. 9784460, 10111361, 10470342, 9439322, 9814163, 10437636, 9679338, 10534823, 10158653, 10178810, 10216606, 10852805, 10673684

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