Stockton 1 Data Center

The Nautilus Data Technologies Stockton 1 Data Center offers 6.5 megawatts of scalable critical IT load across four secure vaults. The vaults range in size from 1.0MW to 2.5MW, with each offering high-density capacity and supporting customers from a single cabinet to a full vault deployment.











Achieve your sustainability goals at market terms.

By eliminating chillers and cooling towers, Nautilus can reduce its capital expenditures, translating into Stockton data center customer savings of up to 30 percent versus a traditional data center and functions with no water consumption, chemical use, and no water pollution.

Supercharge your data capabilities with higher density computing.

The patented Nautilus natural water cooling system can support three times the density of server racks and can cool emerging high-density computing configurations more than 55kW per rack.

Benefit from Last-Mile Connectivity with Minimal Latency.

The Stockton campus delivers prime last-mile connectivity with an 18-mile 288-strand redundant fiber ring to our carrier-neutral data center housing multiple network providers. Physically independent connections to the carrier’s long-haul and metro networks deliver direct connectivity to cloud services and your enterprise.


Our colocation data center is proven and practical. Here are the specs on power, cooling, security, and connectivity ranging from rack to vault.


  • 69kV bulk substation feeds the Nautilus on-premise
    substation via a dedicated 12kV 10MVA feed
  • 480V line-ups routed via diverse paths to the data center
    in a 4-to-make-3 configuration
  • N+2 at the UPS level
  • On-site fuel storage to support 26 hours run time
    per generator at full load plus one full engine/fuel
    redundancy. Two fuel providers under contract, a third in
    reserve, with 24x7x365 priority fuel delivery
  • Diverse primary and reserve power distribution to each
    data hall
  • Power density of 35kW for 24” cabinets, 55kW for 30”
    cabinets, and higher densities achieved with liquid
    cooling technologies
  • Feeds are stepped down to 415V or 208V, depending on
    the data hall, where UPS pairs deliver power to Static
    Transfer Switches and bulk Power Distribution Units that
    are cross-connected to A/B side overhead busways


  • Nautilus’ proprietary cooling technology is a primary/
    secondary heat exchanger coupled system. The primary
    side (open loop) handles intake, filtering, and discharge
    of water from the San Joaquin River. The secondary side
    (closed loop) operates under a leak-proof vacuum to
    pull water through the data hall, maintaining ASHRAE A1
    temperature ratings year-round
  • Customers can utilize rear door cooling, immersion, or
    direct-to-chip without consuming any water
  • Each data hall has parallel leakproof cooling distribution
    units in an N+1 concurrently maintainable configuration,
    each fed by redundant open loop systems
  • The closed loop system in the data hall is under vacuum
    – meaning there is no threat of leaks or water touching
    an IT load

Environmental Performance

Nautilus is proud to have demonstrated the water-cooling technology can achieve the highest standards of environmental performance required by the US government and the State of California. Our team worked collaboratively with federal, state, and local professionals responsible for environmental stewardship to secure all regulatory approvals.

For the Stockton 1 Data Center this included water quality, air quality, public trust and natural resources, endangered species, state species, wetlands, and environment.

Security & Compliance

  • Located at the Port of Stockton, a Tier-1 Homeland Security location
  • Monitored 24x7x365 by onsite security, plus land and waterway patrols by Department of Homeland Security, the United States Coast Guard, and the San Joaquin County Sherriff Department
  • Role-based, multi-factor authentication and mantraps utilized for all entries
  • Avigilon H4 Fisheye (360 degrees of view) with real-time feeds alerting security staff using pattern-based technology
  • Certifications & Compliance: ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2, and HIPAA with a NIST 800-171 attestation
  • High-grade nautical industry standards moorings able to withstand 150mph winds, outside of flood plains and seismic zones


  • Carrier-neutral and currently offering AT&T (Local/
    National), Vast, and Utility Telecom Group (UTG) with
    access to all leading public, private, and hybrid cloud
    providers: AWS, MS Azure, Google, IBM, Box, Cisco, and
  • Two diverse fiber paths into the data center
  • Stockton to 11 Great Oaks, San Jose 3ms round-trip time
  • 100MB, 1GB, 10Gb, and 100GB port sizes are available
  • Internet access services are available via 100MB or 1GB
    DIA solutions and offered in single and high availability
    dual port options

Get Started With the Next Generation of Data Centers

Our patented technology revolutionizes data center cooling. Your data center can be as green as it is powerful at market terms. Let’s get started.

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