The Future of AI Looks Pretty Cool – Cerebras Finds a Home for the World’s Fastest AI Accelerator Chip Set in Nautilus’ Stockton Data Center

Cerebras Systems, pioneers in accelerating generative AI, recently doubled down on its existing world record of the fastest AI chip with the introduction of the Wafer Scale Engine 3 (WSE-3). The WSE-3 delivers twice the performance of the previous record-holder, the Cerebras WSE-2, at the same power draw and for the same price. Purpose-built for training the industry’s largest AI models, the 5nm-based, 4 trillion transistor WSE-3 powers the Cerebras CS-3 AI supercomputer, delivering 125 petaflops of peak AI performance through 900,000 AI-optimized compute cores.

Simply put, the latest Cerebras chip is unimaginably fast and set to revolutionize AI supercomputer processing speed and application deployment. But is it really that simple? Mmmm, no. Most data centers today aren’t capable of handling the extreme requirements meaningful AI deployments demand, including massive power requirements (density) and the ability to cool what is an extraordinary amount of heat generated by that level of super computing power. It’s truly called super computing for a reason. The ability to house the world’s fastest AI chip requires world-leading data center design innovation, scalability and deployment efficiency equal to the technology it houses. Look at it like this, what if Batman drove a Buick? Still Batman, but not getting anywhere particularly fast or efficient.

Enter Nautilus Data Technologies (the Bat Mobile?)

In 2023, Nautilus secured a 2.5MW agreement with Cerebras to bring its AI chip innovation into Nautilus’ Stockton data center. The addition of Cerebras in the data center highlights the eco-friendly features of Nautilus’ water-cooled data center innovation and its ability to host and accelerate high-density AI applications. But that’s only part of the story. It was Nautilus’ ability to scale its services to meet Cerebras’ 30kw per rack criteria quickly (within 60 days) and without reservation that sealed the deal and allowed Cerebras to begin offering its AI services faster than anyone could have imagined…well, almost anyone. You see, Nautilus’ ability to address the future-forward needs of Cerebras’ AI super computer is literally in its design DNA. It was always going to be able to get the job done for Cerebras because that’s what it was designed to do. This is a giant leap forward in data center design innovation. The Stockton data center provided real-time proof for Nautilus’ innovations, including its global data center design platform, EcoCore.

“In so many ways, the rapid jump in AI truly validates our approach and business model. We designed for high-density AI applications as part of the EcoCore platform. It’s all about addressing the future need in the most efficient, scalable, and sustainable way. That’s what our Stockton data center is about and what our EcoCore solution promises to do for data center operators worldwide. Everyone else is playing catch up.” – Patrick Quirk, CTO, Nautilus Data Technologies

Eco-Friendly at the Core

While having one eye on innovation and the other on doing so sustainably has always been a core tenet at Nautilus, this too was a focus for Cerebras. The successful installation and deployment of the Cerebras AI solution in an eco-friendly, sustainability-first facility is proof positive that when the right technologies merge, anything is possible. The Cerebras AI solution has been deployed in the most sustainable and environmentally conscious way, as innovative as its world leading chipset. 

“Our Cerebras WSE-3, the world’s fastest AI chip which powers our CS-3 AI supercomputers, requires cutting-edge technology to perform at its best. Nautilus provides exactly that with their advanced data center infrastructure and zero water consumption cooling. They enable us to push the boundaries of AI while staying true to our sustainability goals” – Dhiraj Mallick, COO of  Cerebras.

The Stockton Data Center’s groundbreaking zero-water consumption cooling system sets a new standard for ecological responsibility in the industry, offering a perfect match for the high-performance requirements of the Cerebras’ AI and deep learning chip sets and operations. With the ability to create a hybrid environment of rear door heat exchangers and direct water-cooled systems that efficiently manage over 20+kW per rack, Nautilus innovatively addresses the challenges of high-density computing with precision and sustainability at the core.

“Our commitment to supporting cutting-edge technologies reinforces our leadership in data center innovation. The 2.5MW contract not only showcases the confidence in our advanced cooling systems, but also underscores our dedication to sustainability.” – Rob Pfleging, CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies.

EcoCore – The Future of AI in the Data Center

The Nautilus EcoCore data center platform provides a foundational infrastructure solution for data centers that is sustainable, scalable, and efficient. It aims to meet the ever-expanding computing demands of today’s data centers by offering:

Sustainability: EcoCore is designed to reduce the environmental impact of data centers through its high-efficiency cooling systems and zero-water consumption technology. This aligns with the growing emphasis on eco-friendly practices in the tech industry.

Scalability: With its prefabricated design, EcoCore allows for seamless expansion from initial 2.5MW blocks to hyperscale capacities. This flexibility ensures that data centers can easily adapt to increasing demand without extensive reconstruction.

Efficiency: EcoCore is engineered to support the intensive workloads of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) with unparalleled efficiency. This results in quicker deployment times, lower operational costs, and improved energy efficiency compared to traditional prefabricated modular data center builds.

Speed to Deployment

The EcoCore platform is designed to be as plug-and-play as a data center product can be. Its ability to scale quickly and deploy efficiently is part of what makes EcoCore a world-class data center solution capable of meeting the worldwide AI deployment need now.

Nautilus continues to expand its global operations, focusing on reducing ecological impacts and increasing efficiency by providing innovative technology infrastructure. The partnership with Cerebras reaffirms Nautilus’ vision and operational excellence in meeting the evolving needs of technology-driven companies.

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