Nautilus Data Technologies Announces Landmark Infrastructure Deployment with Start Campus

San Ramon, CA, 19 March, 2024 – In an exciting development for the data center industry, Nautilus Data Technologies, an innovator in infrastructure technology, has announced a multi-megawatt data center agreement with Start Campus.

This strategic partnership is the first significant milestone since the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was announced in September 2023, reinforcing both companies’ unwavering commitment to revolutionizing data center efficiency and sustainability.

The collaboration will see the deployment of Nautilus’ latest product line, EcoCore, advanced data center infrastructure designed to enhance data hall cooling for the first phase of Start Campus’ planned 495MW Sines Project facility in Portugal.

The project, scheduled to be completed mid 2024, represents a leap forward in data center technology. Nautilus designed this solution specifically to solve for Start Campus’ requirements for high-density, liquid-cooled servers.

What sets the Nautilus infrastructure apart is its inherent capability to support any type of cooling system, allowing the data hall to manage and dissipate heat effectively. Whether through the traditional hot aisle, rear-door cooling, direct-to-chip, or immersion methods, the Start Campus data hall remains versatile and performance-oriented. This flexibility positions the Start Campus data hall at the forefront of the industry in terms of adaptability and efficiency.

Rob Dunn, CEO of Start Campus, said: “This is a good example of how we conceive data centers: customer-centric and future-proofed from the outset. The innovative cooling offer will drive our infrastructure’s efficiency and green credentials to new heights, allowing us to meet our clients’ evolving needs with unparalleled precision and reliability, while staying true to our founding principle of sustainability.”

Echoing this sentiment, Rob Pfleging, CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies, highlighted the deal’s significance: “We are thrilled to partner with Start Campus in this project. Nautilus’ sustainable technology sets a new standard in the industry, offering unmatched efficiency and adaptability. This deal signifies a milestone for Nautilus and reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of data center innovation.”

The partnership between Nautilus and Start Campus marks a significant leap forward in data center innovation and sustainable design. The collaboration will result in the deployment of  Nautilus’ EcoCore zero-water consumption cooling technology to support high-density, liquid-cooled servers, meeting Start Campus’s immediate operational requirements and simultaneously raising industry standards.

Looking ahead, Start Campus plans to collaborate with Nautilus to provide a comprehensive, integrated technology and delivery solution in the second phase of its development, which includes a substantial 120MW capacity expansion of its planned 495MW campus.

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