Nautilus Data Technologies Secures 2.5MW Contract at Water-Cooled Data Center for Artificial Intelligence Company

San Ramon, California, December 13, 2023: Nautilus Data Technologies, a leader in sustainable data center technology innovation, has secured a new 2.5MW contract with a prominent artificial intelligence company. The addition of this customer highlights the eco-friendly features of Nautilus’ water-cooled data center in Stockton, California, and its ability to host high-density AI applications.

The Stockton Data Center’s groundbreaking zero-water consumption cooling system sets a new standard for ecological responsibility in the industry, offering a perfect match for the high-performance requirements of the client’s AI and deep learning operations. With the ability to create a hybrid environment of rear door heat exchangers and direct liquid cooling systems that efficiently manage over 20+kW per rack, Nautilus fulfills the demanding needs of high-density computing with precision and sustainability.

“Our commitment to supporting cutting-edge technologies reinforces our leadership in data center innovation,” explains Rob Pfleging, CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies. “The 2.5MW contract not only showcases the confidence in our advanced cooling systems, but also underscores our dedication to sustainability.”

Nautilus continues to expand its global operations, focusing on reducing ecological impacts and increasing efficiency by providing innovative technology infrastructure. This new lease reaffirms Nautilus’ vision and operational excellence in meeting the evolving needs of technology-driven companies.

For more information on the Nautilus water-cooling technology, check out how the system works.

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