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Backblaze Expands Data Center Portfolio with 1 MW at Nautilus’ Stockton Data Center

A local pioneer in robust, scalable, low-cost cloud backup and storage services leverages advanced cooling and power-efficient data center solutions from Nautilus to drive its global business.

Nautilus Data Technologies, the industry leader in sustainable data centers for rapid deployment, announced that Backblaze, a leading independent storage cloud platform, is expanding its data center portfolio by contracting for 1MW of power at the Stockton Data Center in California. 

With more than 500,000 customers in 175 countries, Backblaze makes it astonishingly easy to store, use, and protect data in the cloud. The Backblaze Storage Cloud provides a foundational platform for a broad community of businesses, developers, IT professionals, and individuals to build applications, host content, manage media, back up and archive data, and do more with cloud solutions.

“We are challenging some of the world’s biggest technology companies with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage and Computer Backup, so efficiency and innovation are central to our success. Working with Nautilus is exciting because they are clearly committed to these same ideals,” said Gleb Budman, CEO and Chairperson of Backblaze. “Committing to this new data center is exciting for us because we can both invest in a sustainable future for data storage while also furthering our goals to provide astonishingly easy, affordable, and scalable cloud solutions to our customers.”

 “We are excited to have Backblaze on board,” said Rob Pfleging, CEO of Nautilus. “By partnering, we can help support their growth in a sustainable way. With our data center solutions focused on advanced cooling and power efficiency, Backblaze will not only be able to reduce their environmental impact but also lower their total cost of ownership all while continuing to meet the high demands of their growing customer base.”

Nautilus’ Stockton Data Center is a high-performance data center utilizing the company’s proprietary water-cooling system. The data center operates at the highest levels of energy efficiency, with no water consumption, refrigerants, water treatment chemicals, or harm to wildlife. Nautilus commissioned the data center to be 70% more efficient than reported data center averages, supporting 7MW of critical IT load in four vaults. The data center is located within the Port of Stockton, a Tier 1 Homeland Security Port offering enhanced security located outside of seismic zones and floodplains. The data center is carrier-neutral and connected to a redundant fiber ring providing direct connectivity to a diverse group of cloud and communication providers.

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