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Nautilus Data Technologies Raises $10 Million In Series B Funding

Pleasanton, CA., March 7, 2016 – Nautilus Data Technologies, a next-generation data center company, announced today it raised $10 Million in Series B Funding, demonstrating strong market confidence and continued support for its revolutionary data center technology.

An energy sector investor provided the Series B Funding, recognizing the growing global demand for more sustainable and cost-efficient data centers.

“Nautilus Data Technologies is transforming the data center industry by creating the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainability data center on the market,” said Arnold Magcale, CEO and Founder of Nautilus Data Technologies. “We’re gratified to see the energy sector recognize our industry leadership by providing a second round of capital infusion. This investment marks a new milestone for Nautilus Data Technologies as we transition to the next phase of construction and prepare for this summer’s historic launch.”

Nautilus Data Technologies will use the Series B investment to support its launch of the world’s first commercial waterborne data center and expand future operations.

Nautilus Data Technologies is the first company to successfully launch a waterborne data center prototype, pioneering a new standard for data center efficiency, environmental sustainability, and global scalability. The company’s first commercial waterborne data center is being constructed at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Northern California and will be deployed to a highly secure, well-protected Northern California port in Summer 2016.

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