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Nautilus Data Technologies Successfully Launches First Waterborne Data Center Prototype

Pleasanton, California, November 16, 2015 – Nautilus Data Technologies, a next-generation data center infrastructure company, announced the construction of its first commercial data center – a waterborne facility that will revolutionize the global data center industry.

Nautilus Data Technologies is the first company to successfully deploy a waterborne data center prototype, offering hosting, colocation, and cloud services for primary computing needs, business continuity, and disaster recovery services. With the introduction of its Waterborne Data Center solution, Nautilus will enable enterprises to dramatically reduce the cost of computing by providing the industry’s best-in-class power usage effectiveness (PUE), while operating the most environmentally sustainable data center on the market.

Construction of Nautilus’s first commercial data center follows the successful launch of its proof of concept prototype, which demonstrated a 30 percent decrease in energy consumption and operating costs when compared to land-based facilities.

The water savings were even greater.

Data centers rely on massive amounts of water for cooling. A single, mid-size data center can easily consume 130 million gallons of water a year — enough to supply nearly 2,000 people. But Nautilus’s proprietary technology consumes no water. By placing the disaster-resistant, marine-grade, data centers on Coast Guard certified barges, Nautilus Data Technologies utilizes the naturally-cooled water below the barge to reduce the temperature in the facility. This allows Nautilus to recycle the water and return it directly back into the body of water from where it originated, resulting in virtually no water loss.

“The Nautilus proof of concept prototype exceeded all expectations — validating how our waterborne approach will provide the most cost-effective, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable data center on the market,” said Arnold Magcale, CEO and co-founder, Nautilus Data Technologies. “Our innovations are the most significant data center advances in decades — marking a revolutionary change in the data center industry.”

Traditional data center models are unsustainable. They are expected to consume 140 billion kilowatt-hours annually by 2020, costing American businesses $13 billion a year in electricity bills and emitting nearly 100 million metric tons of carbon pollution per year. With its proprietary infrastructure, and its complete suite of cloud and predictive data center infrastructure management (DCIM) technologies, Nautilus will help its customers reduce both their data center expenses and carbon footprints. Compared to current technology, annual savings in electricity costs are expected to be more than $4 million. Carbon dioxide emission reductions are estimated to be more than 19,000 tons per year — that’s the equivalent of taking 3,600 cars off the road.

“I admit I was skeptical at first, wondering who could have a material impact on data center economics while still reducing risk,” said Jay Kerley, CIO of Applied Materials, Inc. “But the leadership at Nautilus Data Technologies has done just that. Proprietary technology that will always keep you steps ahead of the efficiency curve no matter the underlying pace of change and innovation.”

Nautilus’s first commercial waterborne data center is being built at a Northern California Naval Shipyard and will be deployed at a secure port next year.

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